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Pre-Construction Investment Opportunity Near Disney!

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Invest in Pre-Construction

Save Money On Your Investment:

Investing in pre-construction ensures you benefit from property value appreciation even before construction commences. As an early bird, you not only save money with a lower price but also secure your spot in line for Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts & Mysk Residences at Everest Place. Reserve your purchase now to lock in the pre-construction price when pre-sales kick off. Your future vacation home awaits!

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Everest Place is located across from Margaritaville Resort Orlando just pasts Toll Road 429 and along US 192. Everest Place is currently under construction.

Explore our pre-construction investments &
secure your spot in line today!


Everest Place is 

For Families

The neighborhood boasts countless brand-new amenities, including a medical center, shopping village, restaurants, and luxury condos—all within walking distance from our exquisite collection of luxury hotels and family friendly resorts.


We are building a

Place For Everyone

Embark on a vibrant journey within an evolving master-planned community with several real estate opportunities, currently under construction. Everest Place has over 220 acres spanning from a thriving shopping district to multi-family residences, embrace the opportunity to contribute to an expansive vision encompassing luxury hotels, family-friendly resorts, a medical center and much more.

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Mysk Hotel & Residences

Mysk is a health & wellness style luxury hotel & residences. Enjoy a Dubai-style lifestyle every summer with exclusive spa facilities, international cuisine and quiet spaces all around to relax.

Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Orlando

Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Orlando is a kid-first, family friendly resort that features pools, character dining and immersive nick-themed experiences.

The District at Everest Place

The District at Everest Place is a fine dining and shopping experience. Imagine indulging at your favorite steakhouse, shop for a new handbag and then end the day with a massage, all just minutes from Orlando's largest attractions.

Regency Health Center

Regency Health Center at Everest Place is a surgery capable medical center with office spaces for medical practitioners. This will be conveniently located directly next to multi-family housing.


Multi-Family Apartments

Everest Place will host over 900 multi-family apartment units. The families staying here will be just minutes from the parks in Orlando.

Conference Center & Event Space

There will be a large conference center / event space that can host professionals that are visiting Everest Place for their respective industries. 

Professional & Remote Work Spaces

We will have ample office spaces and professional areas for those needing a close office to those wanting to have a quiet space to catch up on emails.

Future 5 Star Luxury Hotels

In the future, Everest Place will host additional luxury branded hotels that will be on the same level as or above your favorite hotel brands.


Upscale Dining Options

While Orlando has many places to dine, Everest Place will be a fine dining haven and foodie must go area.

The Views and Nightlife

Everest Place is currently in talks that will turn our development into a destination within a destination and nightlife  spot. We cannot wait to share more.

*Images are depictions  as Everest Place is currently under construction.

Invest in one-of-a-kind hotels & resorts development near Disney  

Discover Everest Place

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