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Own Your Dream Vacation Home - Orlando, Florida

Right now you can own your dream vacation home as well as earn income each and every month while your home is in the rental pool. What if I told you that you could buy a vacation rental home for up to 15% off the normal price? Crazy, right!? Fortunately, you can! Right now, Everest Place is taking purchase reservations for luxury condos that are going for an average of $650 per square foot which is going to go up as soon as construction is over. This pre-construction price is not going to last in Orlando. 

You have two amazing options to choose from as well. Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Orlando is a kid-first, family-friendly resort that mixes luxury and F.U.N. at every turn. You will get to see all your favorite characters as well as participate in the nick-themed activities. 

The other option is Mysk, an Arabian inspired concept coming straight out of Dubai. This type of upscale lifestyle is what is missing in Orlando. They will have a world-class spa as well as fine dining on-site that offers an array of international friendly cuisine to include halal and kosher options. 

Tell Me More!

Contact my team about reserving your spot in line to buy your condo! Purchase reservations are at a low entry rate of just $10,000 USD. This purchase reservation will be held in escrow and is fully refundable at any time. 

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