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Own a Luxury Condo in a Halal-Lifestyle Resort

Mysk is the first of its kind Halal-Lifestyle Resort located at Everest Place just minutes from Disney.

  • Mysk is just minutes from your favorite theme parks.

  • Have a halal-friendly and family-friendly place to stay during Summer vacations.

  • Own an entire condo or enjoy fractional shares, it is up to you. 

  • Earn equity before construction begins.

  • Enjoy hands-free ownership thanks to an international management company doing all the hard work for you.

  • Receive monthly income from being part of the rental pool. 

Halal Food

Come for Disney... Stay for the food!

Contact Us To Choose Your Unit Today!

Contact my team about reserving your spot in line to buy your very own luxury condo in Orlando just minutes from Disney and local attractions. 

Thanks! We Will Contact You Soon!

Upscale Residence
Mysk Logo
Upscale Residence

Invest in Your Values

Mysk is the very first Halal-Lifestyle Resort in North America. They feature a world class, women's only spa and all restaurants on site are Halal & Kosher friendly. There are also quiet spaces for you to connect. 

Upscale Dining
Halal Food
3 Bedroom Lockoff Condo
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