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Invest in pre-construction

Luxury Real Estate

Experience the heart of Orlando’s tourist district like never before with Everest Place, a premier investment opportunity. This dynamic master-planned community offers a family-friendly haven with an array of retail and commercial offerings, setting the stage for an ideal investment venture. We currently are offering residences in two projects. 

Mysk Hotel & Residences
Explore our exclusive residences at this Dubai-based luxury brand that will embody the health & wellness ideals that you are looking for in a vacation home and investment. Indulge in the exclusive spa facilities and international friendly cuisine. Luxury like this is hard to find in Orlando. 


Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Orlando

A kid-first, family-friendly resort that features luxury condos ranging from studios all the way up to 2 bedroom units that sleep up to 12 people. Enjoy all your favorite Nickelodeon characters  and enjoy the onsite themed dining and activities. This is the perfect summer home that produces monthly revenue and will appreciate over time as the Orlando market is booming! 

Image taken from Everest Place site 9/29/2023 - We are currently in phase 1 of construction.

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