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3 Reasons to Invest in a Master-Planned Community

Updated: 3 days ago

Master-Planned Communities are catering to more than just a place to rent condos but that in itself is also a great reason since Orlando is one of the best places to invest in rental property.

What is a master-planned community?

A master-planned community is a massive residential and commercial development with many recreational and commercial amenities. They are strategically planned and located, making them long-term projects with multiple phases. Master-planned communities are created to enhance already growing areas that have unused space. The residential units are designed around the community, ensuring easy access to everyday essentials like shops, restaurants, and movie theatres.

1) Return on Investment

Master-planned communities offer investors a unique advantage in terms of supply and demand. The developers have complete control over the project, which allows for effective management and accommodation of residents. As such, investing early on in the community is advantageous, as the price is likely to be lower than later on when the development is more established. Moreover, as master-planned communities take years to build and fully develop, investors have the opportunity to watch their investments grow over time, as the infrastructure is built out and the community becomes more established.

One prime example of a soon-to-be successful master-planned community is Everest Place in Orlando's tourism district, which boasts an impressive 200 acres, a 6-acre water park, a medical center, a family-friendly resort (Nickelodeon), and a town center with a shopping village and many upscale restaurants. The Orlando real estate market has a proven track record of stable growth, which further reinforces the benefits of investing in a master-planned community like Everest Place.

When investing in a master-planned community, it is essential to recognize that developers typically charge more for each building in every phase. Therefore, purchasing early on in the development is crucial to ensure that your property value increases as the community is built and established. The first building launch always offers the best pricing, with subsequent buildings launched at higher prices as the development continues. As such, purchasing in a master-planned community represents a solid long-term investment, with a high potential for significant returns.

2) They are being looked at more and more as a viable vacation option

Orlando was ranked as the top most-visited city in America. Over 75,000,000 people visited Orlando last year and this year it may be even higher. Orlando is home to some of the world's most attractive theme parks such as Disney, SeaWorld and Universal Studios, and many more. There is no denying that Orlando has A LOT going on and has a huge demand for accommodations for travelers and snowbirds. Many travelers find themselves looking for more community-like places to stay so that they do not waste time on travel and can spend more time enjoying their holiday.

3) Location, Location, Location!!

It's all about convenience for travelers and people staying in vacation rentals. They don't want to be bogged down by traffic jams and congested spaces. This is why they look to rent homes in tourism districts and places close to the parks. Everest Place will be only minutes from Disney, shops, restaurants, and an easy drive to the airport. If you could travel minutes to a park, minutes to dinner, and minutes to may have time to actually enjoy your vacation, which is why master-planned communities like Everest Place make a great case for vacation rentals and why investing in Orlando specifically makes sense.

Invest where you vacation

To learn more about Everest Place and how to become an owner of a luxury condo and how it could pay for future vacations to Disney, contact us today.



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