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5 Myths and Truths About Master-Planned Communities “MPCs”

1) Safety

Myth: Master-planned communities are not as safe as a regular streets.

Truth: MPCs(Master Planned Communities) offer far more safety features than that of a normal street or even a gated community at that. Many MPCs have patrols, gates, and security personnel on site 24/7. The streets are also less busy since everyone needs to stop at the gate first. It’s honestly A LOT more safe than you may think.

2) Amenities

Myth: MPCs are just basically parks, country clubs, golf courses, and gift shops.

Truth: While MPCs offer country club-like amenities and have places to have fun, it is more of a real community with movie theaters, restaurants, medical facilities, gyms,you and much more.

3) Convenience

Myth: Master-planned communities are not convenient and are usually far away from the places you need to go to and don’t have the things I need.

Truth: As time goes on, MPCs are getting better and better. Not only are they more likely to be in a GREAT location, but they will also have thought ahead about what needs you may have once you arrive. This is why some call them self-contained cities. You can do shopping, go out to a restaurant…a NICE restaurant, or even just a casual burger joint, and maybe take in a show or movie. If you can think of it, they probably have too. It is also within walking distance or a very small drive from your home.

4) Homeowners Association (HOA)

Myth: HAOs are a hassle, expensive, and impossible to deal with.

Truth: HOAs definitely have a reputation that is hard to avoid, but more often than not, HOAs ensure your property’s value is protected and help the community grow in value so that in the future, you can have equity, which we all know is a great thing to have. In MPCs, HOAs with have lawn care services, pool service, and other things that you would normally have to think about, handled. In regular communities, it is on the homeowner to provide those services despite still having an HOA fee.

5) A Smart Investment?

Myth: Buying a property in an MPC is risky.

Truth: It couldn’t be further from the truth. MPCs are EXCELLENT investments. Unlike normal rental properties, the maintenance of your home is built into the deal via the HOA, the MPC will be an attractive place to stay, ensuring high occupancy and while other homes may go down in value, the MPC as a whole will work hard to maintain its value no matter the market, meaning you can leverage it against the resale of your home giving you much higher odds than if you had a property in a regular community. Don't let someone project their fears onto your investing future.


Invest in Orlando's newest Master Planned Community Today!

Everest Place is a master-planned community in Orlando that features a shopping village, restaurants, and a medical center but that is just the beginning. Everest Place will feature a luxury, emirates-style hotel, Mysk by Shaza, and also a Nickelodeon™ Hotels & Resorts. Orlando's real estate market is booming right now and is not cooling off. If you want to invest and be a part of what is to become a top destination for tourists in the future, now is the time.


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