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According to Forbes... 3 Reasons to Invest in the Health & Wellness Industry

The Health and Wellness Industry is taking over and in more than just gyms and lulu lemons.

1) COVID highlighted the importance of individual health.

2020 and 2021 highlighted that the dangers of the pandemic were real. The pandemic also emphasized the importance of healthy lifestyle habits. This idea is key to charting the growth of a variety of sectors within the Health & Wellness industry. The healthy eating, nutrition, and weight loss sector is the 2nd largest and accounts for about 22% of revenue.

2) We’re seeing more and more corporate responsibility.

After experiencing the economic and operational risk posed by COVID, more and more companies are expanding well-being benefits for their staff. Companies are taking this idea very seriously and have spent more money than ever before to create what they feel to be a safe and clean environment.

3) Mental well-being is part of the equation.

Lockdowns inside the U.S. and in many countries around the world have resulted in a spike in anxiety and depression. The mental health industry was a “winner” during the pandemic, as people were in search of ways to combat the negative impacts that lockdowns and pandemic stress had on their mental health. Meditation and mindfulness also was a sector that stood out globally and had huge profits. (25% from 2019-2020)

If you are looking to invest in the Health & Wellness industry, the Mysk Hotel in Orlando is a great opportunity and currently, we are offering preferred pricing on pre-construction. The Mysk is a hotel focused on health and wellness and also boasts an alcohol-free environment. This is good for a few reasons: Firstly, travelers from other countries are starting to come more and more now that COVID is all but over, meaning they will need places to stay that accommodate their lifestyles. Secondly, when you invest early, the equity growth you experience versus a late investor is staggering.

For more information about getting started with Mysk investments, contact us today and we will personally be in touch.


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