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Live Like the Locals!

If you are looking to take a break from the parks, you can experience Orlando like the locals!

Besides the amazing theme parks that Disney, SeaWorld, and Universal offer, there are a lot more things to do and see in Orlando and just outside of Orlando that are amazing! If you are into animals, in addition to Disney's Animal Kingdom, you can explore the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens as well as Gatorland! If you are into something more out-of-this-world, you can try the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and see what it is like for American astronauts and sit inside simulations and learn about space in a new and fun way.

If you want rides without the parking lot shuttles you can try out Orlando's very own

Icon Park. Icon Park has places to dine, ride, and play. They have wax museums, aquariums, and events that change all the time. Icon Park has all you need and more for a good time and family fun in Orlando.

If you thought that Orlando could not get better for you, it can! Orlando offers more than just parks and offers opportunity. Imagine your investments paying for your vacations. We are not talking timeshares either but rather, genuine real estate in the form of luxury condos from an internationally recognized brand. By investing in Orlando, you can rest easy knowing that the economy will be stable as the population is set to DOUBLE by 2030 making Orlando swell to 5.2 million people. If you are looking to step into the Orlando market as an investor, please contact us about opportunities at Everest Place.


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