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Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Master-Planned Community Like Everest Place

More and more people are turning to master-planned communities. They have good reasons for that as well. Here are the top five reasons why people are switching to master-planned communities for their investment properties.

Lobby at Mysk Al Mouj - Muscat, Oman

1) Easy Access to a Wide Range of Amenities and Services

Living in an MPC (master-planned community) can give homeowners more time to spend relaxing. MPCs are created to position residents and guests close to anything they might need, ranging from food, shopping, and even health care.

Ladies' and Men's only spa at Mysk

At Everest Place, you will find a shopping village that is sprinkled with high-end cafes and places to dine, as well as a medical center, water park, and more. This community of luxury hotel guests and vacationers that stay in the upscale residences are all brought together by the boardwalk that extends the length of the development.

2. Safety & Security Makes it Easy to Relax

Residents at Everest Place will feel peaceful in their community knowing they are protected by security measures such as 24-hour patrols and gated entrances. At Everest Place, there are many local authorities and first responding units close by. This combination of security and response is a great addition to the calm you will feel when staying in Everest Place.

Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts

3. The Night-Life of Orlando is Just Minutes Away!

There are so many local attractions such as Disney's Magic Kingdom, Disney Springs, Old Town, and Sunset Walk just to name a few. That's only if you want to leave the town center of Everest Place which will have entertainment as well. You can hit Disney in the day and relax with a short walk to your residence after a night of fun in Everest Place's town center or perhaps a relaxing retreat to the Ladies only spa at Mysk.

Eye of Orlando, Icon Park

4. Appreciation of Property Values

This list is not in any order, but perhaps this is a top reason, especially for investors and rental property owners. The purpose of MPCs is to not only create a vibrant and colorful community full of amenities and synergy but to also protect the value of the property and help it grow over time. With more and more businesses creating more traffic, the value of the property grows significantly but also the upkeep of the land and businesses help maintain that value. Since the location of Everest Place is so good, this is a huge reason why people are jumping at this investment opportunity.

Pool at Mysk Al Mouj

5. Quality

At MPCs and Everest Place, we have our own HOA and membership that goes into maintaining the community and keeping it looking in tip-top shape all year round. Quality is extremely important to MPCs like Everest Place because that is why people want to visit and stay year after year. With luxury brands like Mysk at Everest Place, quality is more of a default setting and is a basic expectation. This is handled through developer maintenance and the HOA for the property owners. This quality control also helps protect the valuation of the property for both the developer as well as the owners.



Right now we have investment opportunities for Mysk and Nickelodeon Residences. We have purchase reservations open that will allow you to take advantage of pre-construction pricing. Contact us today for more information on how to own property at Everest Place.


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