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Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Orlando

1) A BOOMING ECONOMY is another great indicator that Orlando is a good place to park and grow your money. Due to a highly favourable business tax environment, Orlando is home to a number of successful companies and large-scale enterprises that bring both job opportunities and lucrative investments to the area.

2) IT'S POPULAR! With major attractions like Disney, SeaWorld and Universal Studios. Orlando is THE MOST VISITED CITY in America. 75 Million people per year cannot all be wrong. It's sunny, affordable and fun.

3) In terms of INCOME POTENTIAL, Orlando offers great incentives to prospective investors. More specifically, investors are beginning to realize the potential of resort properties and land investments. By investing in popular, professionally managed resort residences that have access to world-class amenities and hospitality services, investors are able to capitalize on the rise in demand for vacation homes and create a consistent, long-term revenue stream.

4) Florida has A LARGE DIVERSE SELECTION of investments to choose from, and the very best is undoubtedly situated in right in Orlando. With a huge range of properties suited to all different types of lifestyles, Orlando has something for everyone. Residences range in shape and size, and include luxury condos, vacation and family homes, high end resorts, family resorts and upscale properties. Many choose to invest in the land as well as the properties and commercial ventures making Orlando a suitable place to create several potential streams of income.

5) According to, Orlando was ranked as one of the best places to buy rental property in 2022, taking into account key points such as cash flow, property prices, and a population growth potential and job economy. Orlando is on pace to keep this up for next year as well. With many tax advantages and favorable weather, Orlando has many reasons why it is attractive to those wanting to own rental properties, especially now that covid is all but over in most parts of the world and in America.


With over 130 acres of land that is primed to be some of the most lucrative commercial real estate in the heart of Orlando's tourist district, we are now looking for those ready to grow their money.

Everest Group has over 20+ years experience and with brands like Nickelodeon Resort and Hotel at its side, this investment opportunity is a home run. Orlando and Nick just makes sense. In addition to Nickelodeon, there will be several luxury hotels that offer Alcohol free environments. The masterplanned community will feature a shopping village a medical center and more. Email us today and someone will personally be in touch.


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