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Travelers Are Choosing Orlando!

Orlando International sees almost 1,000 planes take off...daily! That's right! Over 5,000,000 people just in March of 2023 came through Orlando terminals. This is a record compared to 2019 numbers. The post-COVID era is here and it is growing by the day.

Domestic travel to Orlando has increased by around 13% and International has increased by 15%. The more restrictions that get lifted for overseas travelers will potentially make that number go even higher. Spring break surged to over 1M passengers.

With over 100,000 passengers per day, Orlando is not only a top destination for this last year and this year but shows potential for sustained growth. With government-backed projects like NeoCity and Disney always expanding, Orlando is becoming a silicon-valley-like place of the South, but this time with palm trees and good weather. It's no wonder it is a good idea to invest in rental properties here, as they are always full.


Currently, space is being cleared for a 224-acre space that will become a top destination for international and domestic travelers alike. Everest Place will feature residences from luxury brands like Mysk by Shaza & Nickelodeon Hotels and Resorts. The master-planned community will also feature a medical center, a shopping village, full-service restaurants, and more. All of this is just minutes from Disney.

If you want to own a slice of Orlando, contact Everest Place at


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