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Orlando's Stable Growth & Tourism Industry Protects Your Investments

If you have your money in real estate you can relax after hearing about Silicon Valley's bank collapse...if you invested in Orlando you can relax even more as the rental industry here is BOOMING! According to, Orlando is one of the most competitive places to rent averaging over 21 applicants per unit.

Not only that, the Orlando Economic Partnership estimates Orlando to surge to 5.2 million people from its current 2 million plus making Orlando a very stable place to invest for long-term investors. Especially for investors in prime locations near tourist attractions like Disney.

To make your investment even more secure, tourism in Orlando tourism is also growing and not slowing down. USA Today said that Orlando is making a comeback after the pandemic earning more than 20% of Orlando's GDP at 30+ billion dollars. This is expected to grow even more.

This data is backed up by Orlando's International Airport MCO numbers that show over 50M passengers coming annually. This traffic is also to increase.

With the growth of Orlando's population, the tourism & rental industry, and the increase of visitors annually, Orlando's investment environment is among some of the safest. If you want to invest in a place located in the heart of Orlando's tourist district, Everest Place is a great opportunity for you.

To secure your spot on the Everest Place list, contact us today and we will personally be in touch.


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